Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 12 - Bushwacking

We had a new walker join us on the lunchtime walk today.  Tammy and I had told her about our various forays around Horn Pond, including Mount Towanda and the sand cliff, but we only had enough time today for walking in the area around the office.  So we hiked on over through the ball fields, up across the Northeastern University Burlington Campus parking lot and into the main part of the Mary E. Cummings Park.  Now, Tammy and I had done this walk before, but never like today.  It's not as well-traveled a park as Horn Pond, and the paths had become rather overgrown in these summer months.  But we decided to boldly go further, even when we had to push, pull and wrestle our way through thorns and burrs and balance our way around huge puddles on the path. At one point, just where the brush was thickest and just before we finally reached the clearing, Tammy says to Joanne, "See?  I told you she's trying to kill me with this new stuff!"

Oh, and I also tried out my red pashmina.

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