Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 31 - New Runkeeper Photo Feature, Strawberry Transplants

I haven't been out hiking in my extended backyard, aka Callahan State Park, lately, so this afternoon after gardening I hit it.  Along the way, I tried out the new photo feature on Runkeeper, where you can take pictures along the way and Runkeeper will display them on the route at the spot where you took them.  Here's the link to today's hike.  If you go to it, you'll see two sets of photo icons along the route.  If you hover over one, you'll get a pop up with a thumbnail of the picture.  Click on it, and you'll get a larger pop up of the photo.  It's a cool feature, especially since it does geotag them along the route, and before this if you wanted to take a picture you had to pause the activity, leave the app, take the picture, return to the app and resume the activity.  This way is much better.  You just click an icon on the app screen and you get a second screen to post a status and/or take a photo to go with the status.  Very nice.

I was pleased to find that they have posted laminated maps of the park trails at various trail intersections, with "you are here" markers.  This is a lovely addition to the already well-maintained park, and something which really is in need up in Maine on the Trail to the Sea Path.

New Callahan State Park Signs

I also did some yard work today, including what I hope will be the last mowing of the season.  Then I pulled out some of the vegetable plants that have gone well by, and transplanted some of the potted strawberries into the garden.  This will be my first attempt at developing a perennial strawberry garden, so keep your green thumbs crossed!

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