Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 35 - Closet Raider

Julie has taken to raiding my closet with savage regularity lately, and is always gleeful when she comes into the living room wearing something of mine, saying, "Do you like my outfit?!"  Earlier this week I practically had to wrestle my blue Ralph Lauren sweater vest with the red pony back from her possession so I could wear it myself for the first time in months.  So yesterday morning as I was flailing around trying to decided what the heck to wear, I noticed that she had left her closet light on.  This got me to thinking, "Hey, if she can raid my wardrobe, it's only right that I should raid hers."

Later in the morning I sent her an IM.  "By the way, your green Ralph Lauren zip neck sweater with the purple pony looks fabulous on me."  And I even sent a picture to her phone to demonstrate.

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