Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 15 - Sailing Eggamoggin Reach

Despite my exhaustion the night before, I still couldn't sleep in past 6:30. Or perhaps it was just excitement about the upcoming day's adventure: a three hour sailing adventure on the Eggamoggin Reach!

For a picnic accompaniment to the sailing, we also made our own versions of my favorite Panzano (the market that had rum out of bread prior to the road trip) sandwich, with pear, fontina and arugula on ciabatta rolls. Julie took hers sans arugula, as she finds it too bitter.

It was a lovely and relaxing day on the water. There was hardly a breeze in the air, so much of the day felt a gentle afternoon on a hammock, but it was lively nonetheless. Lunch was delish, with Maine Root Ginger beer and homemade tollhouse cookies, and after lunch the forward deck was strewn with napping passengers.

Post nap we continued enjoying the sights as we very slowly tacked our way back to the Bucks Harbor Marina, under the watchful eyes of the seals, seagulls and cormorants.

We wrapped up the night by the firepit on the patio, which all led to another sound night's sleep.

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