Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 18 - Blair Witch Trail

On our final day in Maine, Julie went golfing at a course she had never played, on Deer Isle.  Kathleen and I decided to do the Trail to the Sea hike, as detailed on the Healthy Blue Hill trail map. I'd give you a link, but apparently this trail has either not made it onto the larger Health Maine Walks list, or has been taken off.  But we were working from the recently acquired print map, and there it was.

I'll fill in the details later, but basically we had to search to find the start of the trail, should have been warned away by the "work in progress" notation on the temporary sign, really should have been warned off by the trail markers of deep maroon paint on construction stakes, but were only warned off when we entered a Blair Witch type area of the woods where we could no longer find any stake at all.

So I guess this was two firsts:  attempting the Trail to the Sea path, and giving up on a trail.  If my sister hadn't been there to be the voice of reason, I'd probably still be out there wandering around.

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