Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 14 - Blue Hill, Soda and Porcupine

Although I didn't get to sleep until around 2:00 Thursday morning after our late road trip, I still awoke around 7:30 am. First new thing of the day was a hike up Blue Hill with my sister and her husband. Julie was golfing - nothing new there! It was a lively hike, very steep and rocky, with a clearing at the top, with lots of semi-flat, sun warmed rocks in which to recover while taking in the expansive view of the surrounding land and water. I took pictures with the SLR, but I won't be able to upload those until our return home.

One bit of excitement on the climb came on a sunny bit of trail. Kathleen apparentle startled a small, bright green snake who had been basking. Upon seeing me and Rich following closely behind, it determined that the fastest exit was to launch itself directly from the rock, across the path and into the brush trailside. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'm also not accustomed to seeing them airborne, wih me in their flight path! I responded in the only logical manner, but squeaking, "Ew, ew!" while hopping from foot to foot in alternating high knee lifts. Well, that was something new.

After resting at the top, my sister and I both declared that hunger had struck. Rich knows our genetic tendency toward losing both logic and emitional control when burdened with low glucose levels, so he immediately suggested descending the trail abs hitting Barncaster's, a local inn and restaurant. Good call.

Barncaster's carries Local products, including ginger beer, but instead I chose the blueberry, since I've never had blueberry soda. Mm. I'm not a huge soda drinker, as they ate usually over sweet, but the Bar Harbor Blueberry was light and refreshing. Last night during dinner at a waterfront restaurant in Cadstine I got the Maine Root blueberry for comparison. Also good, and a bit darker flavor, more blueberry-y.

I also chose the salad with spinach, goat cheese, pine nuts and dried apricots rather than the apple-cheese-walnut choice I normally would make. Also yum!

I also saw my first porcupine yesterday, at my sister's house. We're way out in the woods, and the closest neighbors have two Jack Russells (one is part Ray terrier) who have a doggy door of which they take full advantage. They have adopted my sister as an aunt, and play up here often during the day. JJ, the boy, has already been shot up by porcupines at least seven times, bur that didn't stop Jim from treeing another one last evening. he wouldn't be dissuaded, so Kathleen picked him up, I picked up Jasmine and we carried them on the ten minute walk back to their house, where they were put on lockdown for the night.

As I am writing this, they have bounded onto the flagstone patio seeking playtime. Julie is also seeking a partner for Wii, so I'd best wrap this up. This afternoon: a three to four hour sailing trip on a forty-footer!

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  1. I was at whole foods the other day buying walnuts and their exquisite arugula to make a lovely waldorf salad! This looks absolutely divine though and it made me think of it! Can you replicate this at home? I also had a WONDERFUL citrus salmon with fruits/cherries the other day that was TO DIE FOR