Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 26 - Uber-Homemade Pizza

Last Monday (9/14), Julie and I tackled homemade pizza.  We made the dough, we made the sauce, and we made the cheese.  Julie had made the sauce a while ago and frozen it, so she took out a small container and thawed it in the microwave.  While the pizza dough was rising, I attempted a batch of mozzarella.  I don't know what happened, but it just didn't come together this time.  I ended up with a small palm sized ball of mozzarella.  It was good, but not enough for a whole pizza.  So we converted to a tre formaggio pizza, with the addition of asiago and provolone.  The mozzarella we divided into small chunks that were dotted around the pie.  While I worked on the cheese, Julie cut up and sauteed some pancetta.

Let me tell you, turning pizza dough into a viable pizza is no easy task.  It ended up not so much round as more amoeba shaped.  The good news is that the dough recipe was enough for two pies, so we now have another amoeba-pizza dough serving in the freezer for next time.

But the finished product was ABSOLUTELY delish!  The sauce was sweet and chunky, the cheeses blended together so well, and the crust was faboo!  Another successful new thing.

Before baking:


The finished product:


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