Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 34 - Raffle Ticket and Starbucks Apps

Wednesday is candlepin bowling league night for Julie and me, so off we went.  There's always a 50/50 raffle (the winner gets half of the money from the ticket sales), but we never play.  Tonight, however, we threw caution to the wind and tossed in two bucks for three tickets.  We didn't win, so that new thing didn't work out so well.

On the other hand, some of the raffle proceeds go to fund the weekly competition.  For the second string (we bowl three strings for the evening), whoever beats their own average by the most pins gets fifteen dollars.  With TWENTY-FIVE pins over my average, I won tonight.  My average is a 70, and I got a 95 on the second string.  My first string was good at a 79, but my third string was the big one for me - 104!  One of the other players on our team totally blew out the stops and got a 122 on her third string.  But for the "beat your average," third string doesn't count, so they showed (and gave) me the money.

On the way home, while Julie was driving, I downloaded the two new Starbucks iPhone apps: one to find nearby stores, get hours and directions, nutrition info on food and drinks, etc., and another to manage my Starbucks card account.  Both will come in very handy.  When I travel for work (which is already a lot but will soon be even more), I'm always hunting down the local Starbucks, and this will make it much, much more simple.  The card management app is also nice, because usually I have to remember to look up my balance before I leave home.  Once I get to the store and am wondering how much balance I have left on the prepaid card, it's too late.  Julie often puts one of the cards in my stocking at Christmas, and then I just reload it through the year rather than using my debit card for threesies and foursies that I have to keep track of with my bank balance.

Overall, a good day of new stuff.

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